Terms & Conditions

Any booking made through our on line booking system is provisional until confirmed by The Old Dairy.

When your booking is confirmed, a contract will exist between the accommodation provider, the person making the booking and members of the holiday party who must be aware of the terms and conditions of the contract and agree to be bound by them.

All members of the party are jointly and severally liable under the contract.

We are legally bound to provide accommodation as booked; you in turn, you are legally bound to pay.

The balance of your holiday is due 4 weeks before arrival. If the booking is made within 4 weeks of arrival, then the full balance is due at the time of booking.

Whilst every effort is made to obtain an alternative booking in the event of a cancellation by you, unfortunately it is not always possible to do so. It is with regret, therefore, that if you have to cancel within 4 weeks of your holiday, or if you have to curtail your holiday once you have arrived, we are unable to refund your holiday costs. In the event of your cancelling your holiday more than 4 weeks prior to your start date, only your deposit is non-refundable. It is strongly recommended, therefore, that you take out a holiday insurance policy thus avoiding further disappointment and distress.

In the event of your holiday being cancelled or curtailed by us for reasons of natural occurrence, we we will refund in full your holiday, or the part of the holiday, which we were not able to accommodate.

Our liability would not extend beyond a full refund for the accommodation.

We are unable to control the weather and therefore if you are unable to reach us due to floods, snow or any other extreme conditions, we are unable to offer you a refund and therefore, you must claim via your travel insurance.

Under no circumstances must the maximum number of people accommodated in the property be exceeded (day visitors are fine.) Smoking is strictly prohibited inside the property.

If smoking takes place in the grounds (if applicable) please use an ashtray place ash and stubs from cigarettes or cigars and do not throw these items in the grounds as this will require extra chargeable work.

Any smoking inside the properties is likely to activate smoke alarms and would incur loss of the full security deposit. A security deposit is required infall instances. This must be received prior to arrival.

Security deposit is £100 which will be refunded. The security deposit is not applied towards cost of the accommodation and is fully refundable within 1-3 working days of departure, providing the properties and contents are left in the same clean and tidy condition as it was presented to you.

Additionally, upon departure, all lockable doors and windows at the property must be left locked and the main key provided initially upon arrival be returned.

Any unreturned keys will result in loss of the full security deposit to cover the cost of fitting of new locks. Should the security deposit not cover all the damage, repair or replacement required then we would seek extra funds to cover the difference.

You agree to cover such additional damage or replacement costs within 7 days of the written notification of the extra costs.

The email address and postal address you provide for booking purposes will be deemed to be the proper addresses for such notification.

No early arrival before 16:00 or late departure after 10:00 unless with prior consent.

Internet speeds may vary and we cannot guarantee constant connection and/or speeds. No unlawful or inappropriate material is permitted to be downloaded.

If required by law details of downloads will be supplied to the relevant authorities when called upon to disclose such details.

A landline telephone is not included at any property unless outlined on a particular listing.

Additional cleaning services are not included but can be provided at extra cost and with prior notice. The price of the accommodation includes electricity, hot water, central heating and linen.

Clean towels and bedding are supplied upon arrival and changed once a week if staying over 7 days.

Luxury organic toiletries are provided in a quantity suitable for the number of guests and length of stay.

Any booking obtained under false pre-tense will be subject to forfeiture of booking, deposit monies and accommodation costs and the party will not be permitted to check in or will be removed from the property by the appropriate authority.

Parking details are outlined with posts. Guests with large vehicles and/or a large number of vehicles should contact us prior to booking.

Outdoor shoe storage (provided) must be used to ensure outside dirt, gravel and stones are not walked into the property. Any spillages to be dealt with immediately especially the soaking up of excess fluid. Instructions detailing how to clean and best remove stains from upholstery are in the manual. Pets considered.

Additional terms and conditions would apply and would require contacting us prior to booking. No loud noise which levels effect adjoining properties (if applicable) after 23:00 or before 07:00. Please ensure due care is taken at all times to minimise noise impact.

The accommodation provider will retain keys for maintenance and/or emergency purposes.

Holidaymakers must allow access for the above purposes. Whilst away from the premises please ensure all lockable doors and windows are locked. We do not provide personal belongings insurance.

It is the responsibility of the occupant/s to report any faults, repairs required and/or breakages to us as soon as practicable. Repairs will be conducted and breakages replaced as soon as possible.

Except for repairs/breakages anything occupants are dissatisfied with should be reported as soon as practicable either in person, by phone, email or in writing and the matter will be rectified if possible as soon as we can.

If extra items detailed as potentially available on a listing are required such as additional bed, high chair or travel cot it is your responsibility to contact us prior to booking.

Short-term lets of more than 1 month may incur additional terms and conditions and you must contact us prior to booking. The

Old Dairy shall not be liable for any negligence & suggests that for safety the windows are locked for the duration of your stay when you are out.

Faux Candles are provided. We do not allow real candles to be burned inside The Old Dairy. If using candles outside, please do not leave unattended.